Hi everyone!  First of all a big fat CONGRATULATIONS to all those couples who got engaged over the holidays!  I love seeing everyone’s proposal pictures and videos which inspired this post.  Before I get into my story I want to let you guys know that I’m doing a GIVEAWAY on Instagram along with this post.  All the information is at the bottom.  I’m going to share a fun story about me and why NYE is one of my favorite holidays.  My husband and I celebrated our TENTH New Year’s Eve together and it’s always a special holiday because it’s the holiday he proposed on a few years ago.  We’ve spent every New Year’s Eve (except last year because I was 10 weeks pregnant and had the flu… that was fun) with his family at their cabin in the wilderness.  We camp, BBQ and listen to great music… no cell service, no wifi, and the only electronic is the old record player in the one room cabin with a couch and wood-burning stove.  This place means the world to us.  From the family gatherings to the irreplaceable memories “The Cabin” is where we have shared a couple huge milestones including where we got engaged.  Ok, enough about that let’s get into the engagement story already.


The week before our annual NYE cabin trip we’re watching the weather (Keith more closely) because there was a chance of rain.  Keith, who has NEVER cared about the weather, must’ve asked me once or twice a day leading up to NYE if I still wanted to go to the cabin if it rained.  Not catching on AT ALL I told him we would just decide that day.  (This was obviously pre-children because we could just throw some clothes and a toothbrush in a bag and sleep in the car if we decided to go.  In hindsight I definitely should’ve noticed something was up, because really, when you’re 23 who cares enough about the weather to let it affect your NYE plans?)  So the day finally came and we decided to go despite the weather, deciding that if it rained we’d sleep in the back of the Jeep instead of outside or in a tent.  The drive out there was so fun, crossing creeks and having to put it in 4WD to actually get out there, a first.


The normal activities when arriving at The Cabin consist of drinks and horseshoes but this year was different.  As soon as we get there Keith asks if I want to hike up the creek.  Hike?  Um… no thanks… I prefer the drink and horseshoes and sit around the fire type of evening, not exercising.  To his credit the creek was fuller and flowing faster than we had ever seen.  He seemed set on hiking so I made a drink and we set up the creek, holding hands and talking about how beautiful it is out there.  We stopped at a little clearing and watched the water.  Then it happened… Seven years ago and it still makes me giddy thinking about it.  Keith took my drink out of my hand and set it on the ground.  I, still 100% unaware of anything out of the ordinary, think he’s going to push me in so I quickly positioned myself to grab his arm to pull him in too.  To my surprise he didn’t and instead started talking about how much he loved me and wanted to be with me forever.  I whipped around to see him on his knee with a ring in his hand as he asked me to marry him.  I was completely shocked and stood there frozen trying to comprehend what was happening.  (He said he panicked because I didn’t say yes right away.)  Once I came back to Earth I quickly said yes, we hugged, kissed and hugged some more.  We then carved our initials in the tree next to us to remember our spot forever.  We walked back to see his family (who had been in on the secret the whole time) and they were all ready to celebrate with us.  With all the love, the proposal, our engagement and the ring it was the most memorable trip to The Cabin and by far my favorite.


It has been so fun watching all of these recent proposal posts and being reminded of this story.  Now it’s time to share your proposal story and tag me so I can see the love!  I will RANDOMLY pick a winner on January 14th (Keith’s Birthday).  Winner get’s this awesome brush set from Sigma: Sigma’s Most Wanted Brush Set   Here are the rules:  1. Follow me on Instagram Bellizzimo Beauty   2.  Like this post Engaged! Insta Giveaway  3. Post your proposal story and tag me in the caption ” -@bellizzimobeauty #BellizzimoEngaged ” That’s it!  Good luck and congratulations all you engaged couples!! XO



Ps.  Don’t mind the poor image quality… It’s the only picture I have from the proposal.  Note to all those getting ready to propose:  Hire a photographer to capture the moment!