8 Tips to Prepare for Your Trial Run

8 helpful hints to prepare for your hair and makeup trial or appointment:

1.  Schedule it on a day that you can show it off.  Sometimes brides like to schedule their hair and makeup trial on the day they are getting their engagement pictures taken.  Some brides schedule a date night with their fiance after their trial.  For the traditional bride that doesn’t want the groom to see her hair and makeup before the wedding schedule a girls night with your bridesmaids to show your beautiful self off.  Make it fun. 
2.  Research styles you like.  Search for styles you like, up-dos, down-dos, natural makeup, smokey eye makeup, etc.  Look for pictures of styles you like on girls or models that have similar features to you.  If you have fair skin and blue eyes look for makeup on a similar girl.  If you have thick black hair look for hairstyles on a girl with similar hair.  Bring these pictures with you or send them in ahead of time.
3.  Wash your hair the day or night before.  Curls and styles last longer on hair that is not freshly washed.  If you typically wash your hair every day wash and dry the night before.  Don’t worry if you think it looks “greasy”  It’s our job to take care of that and make it look amazing.
4.  Take care of your skin.  If you don’t already have a regular skincare regimen it’s time to start.  Wash and moisturize your face every night and take your makeup off at the end of the day.  Makeup looks better on clear skin.
5.  Wear sunscreen.  It’s time to start wearing sunscreen to avoid tan lines and uneven skintone.  If you prefer a bronzed look opt for a spray tan.  The day of your wedding you’ll want to opt for a low SPF of 15.  Sometimes higher SPF sunscreens can reflect in flash photography and make you look washed out.  If all of your photos will be taken in natural light during the day you have nothing to worry about!
6.  Arrive at your appointment with dry hair and a clean face.  It is easier for us to see your natural hair and skin to know what products will work best.  It also can take time away from your appointment if we have to dry your hair and take your makeup off.  I totally get it if you’re coming from work and need a little makeup to last before your appointment.  There are some great makeup wipes out there you can stash in your car to remove it before you arrive.
7.  Your trial appointment is the time to ask questions, make changes and really decide on the look you want for your special day.  Let us know of anything specific you love or if you have an allergy to an ingredient you know of.  Ask questions.  Make changes to the look if it’s not quite what you love.  Now is the time!
8.  Most of all enjoy yourself.  Enjoy being pampered and relaxing while someone else does the work.  It’s our job and we love what we do!