Becoming A Makeup Artist Continued

I hesitate to say the moment I knew makeup artistry was what I was meant to do was an “a-ha moment” because it was way less dramatic than that.  It was a slow realization that makeup artistry allowed me to pursue a career that encompassed everything I love… art, meeting new people and building friendships and serving others.  The more I learned about the beauty field the more I fell in love with it.

So now what?

After coming to the realization of what you want to do now the research begins.  It’s time narrow down exactly what you love about the career you’re going to pursue.  Are there other aspects of the field that you could encompass to improve your success?  Are there classes you need to take or a degree you need to get?  Do you need schooling or licensing or training?  What resources do I have that will help me get where I want to go?  In my case these are some of the questions I asked myself… Do I want to do hair as well?  Do I want to do skin care and facials along with makeup?  Do I want to work at a makeup counter or beauty store?  Do I want to work in a salon?  What training and licensing do I need to work?  The answer was I really only wanted to do makeup and I really didn’t want to work for anyone else.  I was open to the other aspects of the beauty industry but my heart was in the makeup.  I knew I should get some formal training in makeup artistry and found a school (an hour and forty-five minutes away) that would give me great training and a certificate and we received a full kit in our tuition.  I utilized all my resources to pay for tuition, change my work schedule, trade in my car (I drove a lifted Jeep and had to get a better commuter to drive almost two hours one way to school) and make it happen.  Everyone has different circumstances they have to change to accommodate the career and life they want to live.

School was an adventure and I’m so grateful for the lessons I learned and the experience I gained.  Then it was time to go out into “the real world” and start working.  Jumping into the world of entrepreneurship meant that I had to promote myself and schedule myself and manage my money and all of the things that go along with that.  If you’re going into a field where you are your own boss be ready to get to work!

First, I had to get clients… How was I going to do that?  Convenient for me, I have a sister and great girl friends that let me practice on them throughout school and now that I was legit they would refer me to their friends.  I looked for any opportunity to gain experience and started doing makeup for weddings and photoshoots for next to nothing.  I quickly realized who I needed to network with to get referrals and literally networked with anyone who would give me a few minutes of their time.  From there my business has grown exponentially and networking with complimentary businesses is still my biggest source of clients.

Looking at my business now and where I’ve come from is such a great reminder that as long as you start small and stay consistent and tenacious you will be successful.  As I continue to develop Bellizzimo Beauty into the company I want it to be I keep those values in the forefront of my mind… Stay focussed and keep moving.  There are moments when you will be tempted (or even pushed) to vier off track but readjust and keep going.  I’m so grateful for the journey I’ve traveled and am excited for more to come!!