Danny & Alyssa Are Married!

This post is extra special because Danny & Lys have been good friends of ours for years!

When we first met Alyssa we could tell she was a keeper.  Danny and my husband and a couple of their other close friends have been so close since they were kids they’re basically family.  With that being said bringing a girl around your 5 brothers is questionably a bigger deal than introducing a girl to Mom and Dad.  From the very beginning though it was undeniable that Alyssa (Lys as this family has nicknamed her) fit right in.  It literally feels like Danny and Lys have been together forever, like each of them completes the other in a way that is undeniable.  Selfishly I am grateful that the two of them are married and committed to forever now because if they were ever going to break up I would’ve kept Lys in the break up.  (Sorry Danny.)   😉  XO – Natalie

Makeup by Natalie of Bellizzimo Beauty

Photos by James Lester https://www.jlest.photo/