Getting to Know Emma

One of my favorite parts of my job is spending time with other artists.  In the last year I’ve gotten to know some amazing hairstylists, one of whom has become such an asset to the Bellizzimo Beauty team.  Emma has been doing hair for as long as she can remember!  One of the commonalities in us artists is that we were born creative and that is definitely the case with Emma.  When I asked her how long she has been doing hair she responded “I’ve been doing hair for about 3 years officially but unofficially my whole life!”  The passion and experience with her art definitely show through in her work.



Here are a couple other questions from our interview together:


What made you decide to pursue hairstyling as a career?

E: Originally when I decided to go to beauty school it was because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but I knew I loved to play with hair! It was always a natural gift, I come from a line of hair dressers and I was always that friend that did everyone’s hair. I just loved getting to express my artistic side and create something amazing with hair. Now, I love it more than I thought I would! Hair is my passion.


Why do you enjoy working weddings?

E: One of my favorite things to do is styling. I absolutely love doing updos and bridal hair. The energy a wedding party has on the wedding day is an energy I love to share with the bride and her friends and family. You can just feel the love and happiness in the air and I love being able to create something special to contribute to the brides special day.


What do you love most about what you do?

E:  I love the opportunity to become friends with so many different people. My clients aren’t just my clients, I am a part of their life and they are a part of mine. It was important to me to find a career I was passionate about and this is my passion.


What or who inspires you?

E:  The joy I see within my clients. When I create something for them and they absolutely love it, it really drives me to keep doing better so I can continue to create that joy and make everyone I come in contact with their most beautiful self.


Describe your journey as an artist doing hair.

E: Beauty school was tough! I had to fully commit myself to just that for a year. I had tough instructors but they all inspired me to be the best hairstylist I could be. I have been in 2 salons over the last 3 years and have enjoyed my time in both. I have learned a lot from my fellow stylists and I am so excited to have become part of Bellizimo Beauty’s bridal team to continue to learn more and extend further into the world of weddings!


Emma, Bellizzimo Beauty is blessed to have you on our team.  You not only are an amazing artist but also an amazing woman and friend.  Thank you for all you do!


As you can see Emma is a valuable part of our team.  We are excited to be able to offer brides hairstyling and makeup application for their special day.  With years of experience, the love for our art and the joy we get from spending time with our clients we are able to make brides and their bridal parties look their best on their most important day.

Here are just a few examples of Emma’s work:

image7 image6

Emma Updo 1 Emma Half-Updo 1