Considering Hiring a Professional Hair and Makeup Artist?

Why professional hair and makeup?

I hear it frequently… “My friend does makeup so she’s going to do it.”  “My aunt does hair so she’s going to do it for the wedding.”  “I’m going to do my own hair and makeup.”  Let me tell you why it might be a better idea to hire a professional stylist that specializes in wedding hair and makeup. 
We love friend Susie whose makeup is always flawless and she is so confident she can make you look fab on your big day.  Until she does your makeup and she’s using the same foundation she uses on herself (wrong color eek), your eye shadow is applied the same way she applies it (she has almond eyes and you have round eyes yikes), your blush is barely there, you have sparkly bronzer all over your face and your lipstick is so light who knows if you’ll have lips in your wedding photos.  Ok this is a little dramatic but you get the idea.  Your friend nails her own makeup but everyone’s face shape, eye shape, skin tone, eye and hair colors are different.  Without training and experience with different features makeup that looks great on someone else may look way different on you.  Makeup for photography is also very different than makeup for everyday.  Having a stylist that has experience with how makeup photographs will ensure your wedding pictures show the true beautiful you.
We also love Aunt Sally who has been cutting hair since you were barely tall enough to sit in her chair.  She has been with you through every bad hair decision (and the good ones too.)  She did your hair for prom which was a little outdated but when you’re 17 who really knows that?  Your wedding day is different.  This is most likely the biggest event you will ever host and be the center of attention for.  This is the one day everyone will be celebrating you, looking at you, and taking pictures of you (like hundreds of pictures.)  You want your hair flawless, curls lasting all day, up-do staying put together and comfortable all day, a current hairstyle.  Hiring a hairstylist that specializes in wedding hair ensures that they stay up to date on current trends, they know how to create the style you want with the hair accessories you love and how to make it last through hugs and dancing for all those pictures.
You see your face and hair everyday so who better to do your hair and makeup than you?  Besides all of the previous points made about the endurance of the makeup and hair and the amount of photos that will be taken your wedding day is all about you (and your fiance of course) and what better way to celebrate than being pampered.  You will be busy all day, reciting vows, talking to family and friends, dancing, posing for pictures, lots of pictures, and enjoying the party.  You need your rest and the last thing you should be worried about is whether your hair is cooperating that day or if your eyeliner is even or if your lashes look good.  Let a professional pamper you while you roll out of bed and relax while you can because once the party starts you won’t get a chance to relax, trust me.  Enjoy the time with your friends and family and feel great about your hair and makeup.  You deserve it!
Love the girls at Bellizzimo Beauty